Manuals and Measures

The prevention and treatment manuals and measures available for download below have been designed for low-income ethnic minority populations at San Francisco General Hospital. The following article reviews the development and evaluation of these manuals: 

Muñoz, R. F. & Mendelson, T. (2005 ).

Toward evidence-based interventions for diverse populations:

The San Francisco General Hospital prevention and treatment manuals. 

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology , 73, 790-799.


A full text copy is available at:


Scoring the Mood Screener and the CES-D

Mood Screener

CES-D (Center for Epidemiological Studies - Depression Scale) 

The Center for Epidemiological Studies – Depression Scale
Radloff, L. S. (1977). The CES-D Scale: A self-report depression scale for research in the general population. Applied Psychological Measurement, 1, 385-401.